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Using your camera as an Audio Baby Monitor on Android devices

Using Your Camera As An Audio Baby Monitor On Android Devices

You can use your Motorola camera with the Hubble app and your mobile device as an Audio Baby Monitor. To activate this function please follow these steps:

* Open the Hubble app on your Android device and go to your Account;

* Activate Background monitoring by ticking the box;

* Go to the live view of your camera (if you have several cameras select that camera of which you want to hear the audio);

* Then close the app by tapping the HOME button.

Now you are able to listen to the audio from your camera as the app is running in the background. Just make sure, not to log out of the app.

Mind that this feature can be used only when you are connected locally. (That is, when your camera and mobile device are connected to the same WiFi network.)

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