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I have problems with the setup. Could there be an issue with my router?

Any router that is set up correctly at purchase, or has the ability to be modified after purchase, should allow your camera to connect.

Please ensure that:
• Both your camera and your mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network when you do setup, reset or a firmware upgrade
• Your router is set to the 2.4 GHz band, and not 5GHz
• Your router has DHCP Server enabled. This allows it to provide the necessary IP address to the camera you wish to connect (Static IPs are currently not supported by the app)
• Your router does not have any devices listed as blocked, including your camera. It may be that your router’s settings only allow identified devices to connect (in which case ‘Mac’ and port info may be required – see more details below) – or your router only allows a limited number of devices to connect. In general this setting can be found under: Advanced Settings > Admin > Attached devices
• There are no spaces or hidden characters at the beginning of the SSID name. For example an SSID name of “ abc123” will not allow your camera to connect, whereas “abc123” (without the space) will allow a connection
• The SSID name is written in ASCII characters. (Some characters used in certain languages may cause problems, so you should either avoid using such characters or contact us to check whether they may be cause of your camera’s connection problems).

If required, here the details of the open ports:
Outbound ports used:
• Port 1935 for RTMP (TCP)
• Port 80 for HTTP Command and File Upload/Download (TCP)
• Port 3478 for STUN (UDP)
• P2P Ports: Inbound and Outbound Ports >50000 (UDP)

Below I give you some indications on how to change your router settings as well as some troubleshooting tips:

Firstly, you will need to access the configuration page of your router. To do this, type any of the following into your browser’s address bar (where you’d normally enter the URL of a website):

If this is your first time accessing your router’s configuration page, you will be required to enter a username and a password. Usually the default credentials will be:
username: “admin”
password: “admin”
username: “user”
password: “user”
username: “1234”
password: “1234”

You may also want to check the label at the bottom of your router as at times the default credentials are printed there.

Having correctly entered your username and password, you will arrive at your router’s administration desk, where you will be able to change its wireless settings. To change the wireless security settings, select Wireless > Security > Encryption.

You will then have the option to select the encryption settings you’d like your router to use. For example, you can select WEP or WPA Personal encryption.

Please note that WEP encryption offers the least security and WPA personal encryption offers the most.

Other solutions:
• It may be necessary to reboot both your computer and router. If so, it is advised that you also reset the camera.

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