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What kind of functions does the Hubble App support?

Tapping on a camera from your camera list, brings you to the live-stream of that camera, with the events associated with it listed below. To view fullscreen, turn your phone to landscape. From here you can use the below described functions that the Hubble App supports.

1. Watch an Event: To watch a motion-triggered video recording, click the view event button.

2. View a Snapshot: You can view (and share) the image associated with it by tapping it to enlarge.

3. Share  a Video: Tap the share button, and use any one of that share options available in your phone. (Note: if opening on a PC you may require VLC player to play, if sending to an iPhone the recipient will need an app which plays .FLV files. Please also note: WhatsApp is not supported).

4. Take Snapshot/Record a Video Manually: Tap the camera icon at the far left of the tray. This will open up the below image. To record a video instead of take a photo, tap the Video Camera icon to the right and above the take a photo button. 

  • Snapshots are saved to your phone gallery.
  • Videos are saved to the Videos section if you are using an Android mobile device. If you use iOS instead they are stored under the Document folder on your mobile device.


5. Play Melodies: The camera is loaded with a various selection of melodies (we've had great feedback from customers who depend on these to put their children to sleep, or just entertain their pets). To play these select the  icon. Tap once to play, and once to stop.

6. View Temperature: Some cameras have the ability to measure temperature. To view the current temperature tap the  icon. To switch between temperature measures in Fahrenheit and Celsius tap on the temperature displayed.

7. Two-Way-Talk: Some cameras enable you to talk to someone who is in front of the camera. This is a great function to communicate with family members or pets. To speak select the icon and press the circle button. toggle again to listen from the camera.



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