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How can I turn on/off motion, sound and temperature triggers?

 1. Click the Camera Settings button  on the bottom right of the camera you wish to change settings for. Alternatively, this same Camera Settings Button is also available in the camera view, at the bottom right of the Live Stream.




2. Tap the Notifications Drop-Down Menu, this will expand and show you a few options.



3. Tap any of the options (seen on the above right):

Motion Detection: 

  • Detect Motion: On/Off. If this is on, but recording is not, the camera will take a snapshot of the event which you can view later. If Detect Motion is set to 'Off' you will not be able to turn on 'Record Motion'
  • Sensitivity: Low/Medium/High: Indicates how easily you would like your camera to be triggered by motion. High sensitivity means you will most likely get more notifications and snapshots/recordings.
  • Record Motion: On/Off: This can only be turned On/Off if 'Detect Motion' is enabled, and you are either on a Free-Trial, or a Paid Plan. (For more information about paid plans please visit this page)
  • If you wish to receive notifications of these events, make sure they are turned on here



Sound Detection

  • Detect Sound: On/Off: If set to 'On', your app will keep a record of sound events. If you wish to be notified of these, you must change that in your application settings here.
  • Sound Sensitivity: Adjust to modify how sensitive this individual camera will be to sound before it takes note and notifies you.


Temperature Settings

  • Low: If the temperature goes below the temperature indicated, it will record an event, and send a notification if your temperature alerts are turned on. (Minimum 10 Degrees Celsius, 50 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  • High: If the temperature goes above the temperature set, it will record an event, and send a notification if your temperature alerts are turned on.
  • You can choose to receive events and notifications for Both High and Low, just Low, or Just High temperatures. (Maximum: 33 Celsius, 91 Degrees Fahrenheit).

To change whether your temperature is viewed in Celsius or Fahrenheit:

Android: Go to your Account page, and tap on Temperature. Then select Celsius, or Fahrenheit.
iOS: Go to Settings, and then tap on General Settings.

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