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When do I need to register or pair the baby unit to the parent unit ?

The Baby Monitor is pre-registered to your Parent Unit. You do not need to register it again unless the Baby Unit loses its link with the Parent Unit.

To re-register your Baby Unit, or register a new Baby Unit, follow the procedures below:

1. Press the Menu button of the Parent Unit and the menu bar will pop up.

2. Press the < LEFT button or > RIGHT button until is highlighted, and the del/ add/ view/ scan menu will pop up.

3. Press the ^ UP button or V DOWN button to select add, and press the Ok button to confirm.

4. Camera will pop up, press the + UP button or - DOWN button to select the desired Camera and press the Ok button to start searching for a camera unit. The green audio level LED will flash rapidly while searching.

5. Press the Ok button to confirm.

6. Press and hold the PAIR button underneath the Baby Unit until the Parent Unit finds the camera, beeps and the video from the camera appears.

NOTE: If a particular Baby Unit was registered previously, registering this current Baby Unit again will overwrite the old registration.

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